Lights Flickering

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An occasional light flicker in your home is normal. But, if you are noticing severe flickering that didn’t happen before, it’s not something just to ignore!

The fluctuation in light can indicate the faults in the circuitry or your lighting fixtures. Depending on the cause of the problem, it could lead to various life-threatening safety issues. Be cautious! Flickering lights may look like an annoyance, but they can be hazardous. To identify the root cause of the problem and to fix it, it’s really good to approach the professional electrician. They help find solutions not only to stop flickering but also protect your home from further damages.

Here, the Electrician in Leichhardt offers some key facts to know about the causes of flickering lights!

Flickering lights is a common occurrence. The perfectly designed electrical system should possess flickering lights to a minimum. Yet, Flickering lights can be an indication that you have a dangerous electrical fault. Hence, never ignore the problem of flickering lights. It can be easily fixed with the professional electricians.

Loose Connection!

One of the most dangerous reasons why lights flicker is because of the loose circuit connection. Loose connections in an outlet can cause electrical breakdown which is one of the major causes of electrical fires. A loose connection has the ability to jeopardise your whole electrical system. A loose connection can also be due to the loose terminal on a device. This can cause a high resistance point which leads to overheating. Loose wire connections not only cause flickering lights but also lead to house fires. When you find that your lights are flickering more than usual, have a proficient Electrician in Liberty Grove to test your electrical system.

Defective Light Switch!

A poor connection between the light switch and the bulb makes way for flickering. If your light bulb regularly flickers when it’s switched on, then it could be an indication that you have a defective light switch. This can be risky since it may cause your light switch to overheat and get fired. Having them replaced will be the best solution to this problem of flickering lights.

Faulty Devices!

Faults in the devices also cause the lights to flicker when they are plugged in. The equipment causes a surge in the electrical circuit and causes the lights to dim. Getting help from the professional Electrician in Lilyfield make sure that you are not at risk of having an electric shock.

Annoying Neighbours!

Your home shares a transformer with the neighbouring houses, and hence, their loads can influence your electrical supply. Your neighbour’s heavy electrical usage could be the reason behind your flickering lights. To fix these problems, get help from the Electrician in Marrickville!