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Our goal at Gordon’s Powers Mobile Electrician is to be the most efficient electrician by providing the best value for your money. Our electricians are friendly, offer a superior level of customer service. As a resul class="checklist"t, will not leave you until you are 100% happy with the work carried out.

Over 10 Years of Experience

We have over 10 years of experience fixing all sorts of electrical issues, in Balmain as well as all of its nearby suburbs. There’s simply no job that is too big or small. It is never too complex for our electrician. With our level 2 electricians and emergency electricians, so you will be safely covered at all times.

We offer certified electrical work in :

Gordon’s Powers can handle any electrical emergency!

Specialised services in Balmain

Level 2 Electrician Balmain

Level 2 Electrician

Is finding a Level 2 Electrician Balmain for your home or business electrical concerns giving you a hard time? You will get the best team at Gordon’s Powers! As one of the reliable team of electricians in Balmain, Sydney, we understand that you need someone to respond to you call the minute you dial the number for help. We are your best choice, Whether it is an electrical emergency or a difficult task to finish that requires the help of a Level 2 Electrician.

Giving yourself a peace of mind

When you get our team to work on your electrics, that everything in the list of tasks below will be completed in a timely and on-budget manner. Aside from that, we always make sure that everything we work on is finished with high quality.

Our Level 2 Electrician Balmain can work on your:

  • Power mains
  • Overhead and Underground mains services
  • Disconnection and Reconnection of power supply
  • Metering
  • Street lighting
  • Power poles
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Safety switch
  • And more!

Gordon’s Powers Level 2 service is mostly in demand with the following projects:

    1. UV Damage Consumers Mains in Balmain

Receiving a defect notice from Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid regarding your cables and wires that are damaged by UV?  This is an indication that you need to act immediately on your power lines to avoid further problems.

Your best team of Level 2 Electrician Balmain at Gordon’s Powers can perform repair and/or replacement of the damaged cables or wires. We can add further insulation to portions that already have an insufficient coating to shield the exposed wires from the sun’s damaging UV rays. In other occasions when repair works can no longer help, we replace the whole length of the cable.

  1. Consumer Mains Repair Balmain

Once consumer mains encounter any problem or require rep service. It needs to be handled accordingly by expert hands. Gordon’s Powers Level 2 Electrician Balmain can work on the below repair works:

  • Replacement of a faulty component in consumer mains.
  • Repair of unprotected consumer mains such as short circuit and etc.
  • Repair or reinsulation of damaged cables both for overhead and underground consumer mains.
  • Switchboard repairs.

There are more ways that Gordon’s Powers can help you. Get the best and latest installation, repair and maintenance works from our Level 2 Electrician Balmain.

Emergency Electrician Balmain

Emergency Electrician

Electrical Risk

Balmain is very well-known for its heritage buildings. Aside from the structures, electrical systems may also be out of date. Old electrical systems may cause malfunctions and lead to dire situations. Darling street, being Balmain’s thoroughfare, is packed with many establishments, restaurants, shops, and landmarks.

These commercial spaces are run by most use of appliances. Overloading is one potential risk in these areas. Having a reliable emergency electrician that you can rely on is very important. Gordon’s Powers Balmain Electrical Emergency Electricians is just what you need in Balmain!

Gordon’s Powers Balmain Electrical is just what you need in any types of electrical emergencies such as the following:

  1. Smoke from outlets or wires – This is one of the most common electrical emergencies. Smoke is an alarming sign that there is something wrong with your electrical system or current. A simple smoke may cause fire and other threatening situations. Turning off the main power switch and calling an emergency electrician is the only solution.
  2. No electricity – Most household experience having no electricity all of a sudden. This indicates that the problem is at the main switch or main source. Having it checked before trying to use appliances may reduce the risk of fire, damage, or even accident.
  3. Wet wires – This is always very dangerous. We all know that wet wires cause electric shocks. Calling an emergency electrician is the best option. You will be advised on how to properly maintain wires or if wires to be changed for safety.
  4. Outlet overheating devices – Many people ignore this kind of situation. However, this also shows that there is something wrong with your electric current. Overheating may damage your devices or appliances, and may even cause a fire.

We also respond to smoke detector malfunction, popping switches or plugs, short circuit, and general electrical system replacement.

Always be reminded that an electrical emergency may cause serious problems. It requires immediate and special attention by a professional emergency electrician.

When you experience any of these emergencies in Balmain, rest assured that Gordon’s Powers Balmain Electrical is always ready for prompt and reliable service. We are just a dial away and also available 24/7! The fastest professional emergency electricians in Balmain will provide you immediate attention.

Smoke Alarm Installation Balmain

Smoke Alarm Install

Are you in need of increasing your safety in Balmain by getting a Smoke Alarm? Look no further. Gordon’s Powers Smoke Alarm Installation is what you can count on. We have been in the electrical business for many years and we are dedicated to providing outstanding services. One of these services is the Smoke Alarm Installation. Every service is surely handled by a team of honest and professional electricians.

What are smoke alarms and why do you need them?

Smoke alarms play a very important role in homes, business, and establishments. These alert residents of a fire in time.  Evacuation from the site will be done safely.  This reduces the risk of hazards and accidents. Before getting a Smoke Alarm Installation Balmain, it is very important to know the different types of smoke alarms. Gordon’s Powers Balmain can discuss and recommend the type of smoke alarms fittest to your property.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms – Most causes of smoldering fires are electrical faults such as overloading, sparks, and short circuit. This results in smoke and may lead to a fire. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are best at detecting slow-burning fires in the earliest time. With early detection, it is made easier for occupants to escape while the air is still breathable. This has been one of the best choices our clients get for their units.

Ionization Smoke Alarms – This alarm is designed to detect the smoke produced by the fire. They are best in detecting rapid growing fires. This is used for less risky units and areas.

Interconnectable Alarms – This alarm is connected to a network that triggers the rest of the alarm even only one has detected smoke. This is also available in an advanced network. Other alarms can be deactivated except for the first active alarm using an isolator button. This is highly recommended to be used in larger homes and establishments.

Gordon’s Powers Smoke Alarm Installation Balmain provides the best of services and smoke alarms. All installations are well-planned according to your unit’s needs. Our professional and experienced electricians will inspect your area and identify where the alarm is best to be installed. We provide and install the top brands of Smoke alarms for ensured durability and performance. Rest assured you’re your Smoke Alarm installation is dependable for many years.

Switchboard/Fusebox Repairs and Upgrades Balmain

Switchboard Install/ Repair

Has your switchboard or fusebox gone bad or needs adjustment to accommodate your additional appliance or equipment? Gordon’s Powers is the team you can trust for your switchboard/fusebox repairs and upgrades Balmain. Our local Balmain electricians can respond to any matters regarding switchboards and will provide the highest quality service to make sure that you are using a safely working switchboard.

With Gordon’s Powers, our professional and skilled electricians will perform a complete check on your switchboard.

Switchboard Repairs Balmain

A switchboard, or also known as a fusebox, is a an electrical device that divides and distributes electricity to other smaller units such as transformers, control equipment, panel boards and single appliance units. Once it encounters a problem, it needs to be attended immediately as it can pose a serious threat to safety. Gordon’s Powers Balmain electricians can do the following switchboard repair works:

For home switchboards in Balmain:

  • Fault finding and testing
  • Replacement of damaged components
  • Testing of circuit breakers
  • Insulation repairs
  • Safety switch repairs and testing

For commercial switchboards in Balmain:

  • Meter testing and repairs
  • Repairs of power distribution conductors
  • Repairs on switchgear for industrial and office buildings

In commercial switchboard repair and upgrade, power supply may not be switched off especially with businesses that operate 24/7. With this, we can also perform maintenance work on live systems have given that your facility has insulated case breakers.

Switchboard Upgrade Balmain

Switchboards are the key component of your home and office electricity. It is a switch that turns your place alive. It is very important that you have the most advanced and updated switchboards to support your electricity demands. At Gordon’s Powers Balmain, our knowledge of switchboards is incomparable. We know if your current switchboard is sufficient for your home or business use. We also provide a free consultation to help you determine the right switchboard for your use.

Don’t have an idea about when to upgrade your switchboard? Gordon’s Powers can help you diagnose the following common scenarios:

Old and Obsolete Switchboards

If you are using switchboards that still have fuses in place, chances are, you are prone to electrical shock and short circuits. Gordon’s Powers Balmain can help upgrade your switchboard fuses to circuit breakers.

Insufficient Electrical Capacity

Noticed that your lights die out when you plugged in your favorite appliance? Or your power totally shuts down as soon as you turn on your new equipment? This is when you know you have insufficient power capacity because your switchboard has limited capacity to supply electricity to all your electric appliance and fixtures.

Hot Water Heater Repairs Balmain

Hot Water Heater Install/ Repair

Cold water shower, no warm or hot water for your kitchen use? These are very inconvenient scenarios especially when you are in a hurry and you have no choice but to boil water for your use. You definitely need a guaranteed hot water heater repairs Balmain like the one from Gordon’s Powers. We have more years of experience in hot water heater repairs Balmain and you can always rely on our expert workmanship like no other providers can bring.

Troubleshooting a faulty hot water heater is a difficult thing to do when you do not have the right expertise to do so. Gordon’s Powers Balmain electrician are knowledgeable in providing service to any types of hot water heaters such as storage tank water heaters, tankless and heat pump or hybrid water heaters.

When to know your hot water heater is going bad? There are several signs to notice and the moment you do, do not hesitate to call Gordon’s Powers Balmain hot water heater repairs service.

Old hot water heater systems

If your hot water heater system is more than 10 years old, replacement is suggested before it can cause serious damage to you and your property. There is always a recommended span of usage for every electrical equipment. Most of them normally operates in a span of 10 years but beyond that, it will give you much headache than convenience. Gordon’s Powers hot water heater repairs Balmain can help you check your old hot water heater if it can still be repaired or needed replacement.

Leaky hot water heaters

Hot water heaters that leak are sometimes more dangerous than other abnormalities. If your hot water heatertanks are located in an environment with electrical circuits, water leaks can cause even greater hazard. Let Gordon’s Powers Balmain fix and leak problem and make sure all leakage are properly sealed.

Rusty hot water heaters

Another result of old hot water heater systems is corrosion. The inside part of a hot water heater is always exposed to water. If you have an old hot water heater, you will notice rusty water flowing through your bathroom shower heads, tubs and taps. Feel free to contact Gordon’s Powers Balmain to work on your rusty hot water heaters.

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When you need Balmain electrician, Gordon’s Powers electrician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will deliver electrical services on your schedule and we always arrive at our appointments on time. Therefore we will remain on the job until you are satisfied that the work is complete, and leave our workspace as neat and tidy as when we arrived.

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Our electrician uses only the highest-quality parts and components for our electrical services, and we guarantee the work our electricians do because we know we do the job right the first time and we want you to rest easy knowing it, too. No matter what electrical services you need, trust your work to Gordon’s Powers Electrical, where our business is exceeding your expectations!

We look forward to serving you soon! Call (02) 9199 7480 to schedule your electrician an appointment or get a quote today. Find a Gordon’s Powers Licensed Electrician in Sydney in our electrician service locator all around Sydney NSW.

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