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24 Hour Emergency Electricians Alexandria

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Our goal at Gordon’s Powers Electrician is to be the most efficient electrician by providing the best value for your money. Our electricians are friendly, offer a superior level of customer service. As an outcome , we will not leave you until you are 100% happy with the work carried out.

10 Years of Experience

We have over 10 years of experience fixing all sorts of electrical issues in Alexandria, as well as all of its surrounding suburbs. There’s simply no job that is too big or small. It is never too complex for our electrician. With our level 2 electricians and emergency electricians, so you will be safely covered at all times.

We offer certified electrical work in :

Gordon’s Powers can handle any electrical emergency!

Specialised Emergency Electricians in Alexandria

Level 2 Electrician Alexandria

Level 2 Electrician

Do you need expert hands to handle complex and advanced issues in your consumer mains? Call Gordon’s Powers Level 2 Electrician Alexandria to handle the job in the most effective way. Being the fastest team in Sydney for over than years, we conducted hundreds of operations that have saved property owners from potential danger. Our licensed Level 2 Electricians are permitted to operate on Ausgrid and Endeavor Energy. Therefore, we are trusted and most sought for we can provide complete services on the mains.

Here are some services we can perform you:

Power Line Installation – Our Level 2 Electrician extends services to new and old properties that need detachments and reconnection from the power mains. We help in keeping up the best condition of your connections. We also perform connections of underground and overhead service lines for household and business properties. We perform careful service lines management excellently. Plus, we use top of the line materials and parts for best quality repairs and installations.

Temporary or Permanent Disconnection from the Mains – Our Level 2 Electrician also offers disconnection of your property to the mains whether your property will not be in use permanently or for a period of time. Temporary disconnections also apply during renovations and demolitions.

Single to Three Phase Line Upgrade – Single lines are being utilised on properties with less electrical power request. An upgrade to three phase line is recommended to a property that happens to have a greater electrical request. Three-phase lines can power engines and machines. It is introduced to businesses that normally have increased demand.

Repairs on UV Damaged Consumer Mains – Overhead lines that are old and low quality are vulnerable to the harmful UV. For this, you might receive a notice of the damage. To solve the problem, you can have your local Gordon’s Powers Level 2 Electrician Alexandria to attend and perform excellent consumer mains repair Alexandria.

We are proud to offer complete services in affordable rates to our valued customers. Our upfront pricing and hidden charges lessen the client’s worries. On top of that, we always do the job on schedule.

Gordon’s Powers can organise the following work for you, no hassle required:

  •  Fuse equipment repair and replacement
  •  UV Damage defective notice repairs
  •  Installation of underground consumers mains both single and three phase systems 24 hrs
  •  Off peak relay installation and associated metering equipment
  •  Repair of single and three phase consumers mains 24hrs
  •  Point of Attachment relocated or repairs
  •  Electricity system capacity extension and upgrades
  •  Electricity metering equipment installation
  •  Connection of your mains service lines to the local electricity network
  •  Disconnection of your mains service lines from the network for minor repairs
  •  Permanent disconnection of your mains service lines for building demolition
  •  Private power pole and underground pillar installation, replacement and removal
  •  Upgrade your existing service from single to three phase or just increase the supply capacity for extra load requirements
  •  Connect your mains service lines to the network and energise your installation.

Emergency Electrician Alexandria

Emergency Electrician

Be careful from the risks that electrical issues can bring. Depend on Gordon’s Powers emergency electrician Alexandria in case of any occurrence of electrical issues. Our team is the fastest and most experienced to handle all types of electrical problems in the promptest way possible and save your family and property from grave danger. For more than 10 years of being of service to property owners in Alexandria, we pride ourselves to have helped in saving many from stress and electrical danger.

Electrical emergencies may happen anytime due to poor quality or old wirings, improper use of appliances, overloading, and more. Some problems can be handled easily. However, there are far more serious matters that can’t be solved by DIY repairs. It is best to leave the job to expert and professional emergency electrician Alexandria.

Common Signs of Electrical Emergencies

Electrical Smells or Smoke – Upon noticing this sign but can’t find the cause, you need to call your emergency electrician Alexandria promptly after shutting down your safety switches. IF being ignored, this may end up to fire that will harm your family and property.

Broken Alarms – Smoke and security alarms are important devices in every property. Therefore, having any issues in any of these will lower your family and property’s safety. When you suspect that your alarms are not working, you should have emergency electrician check on the problem and perform the necessary repair and installation just before it is needed most.

Power Outage – Having no power is always a cause of inconvenience for many properties depending too much on electricity particularly business establishments. It is also a necessity to homeowners more importantly to families. When this issue arises, always check with your local power network. If your property alone is experiencing the problem, it is best to have your emergency electrician to check on the issue and perform the needed repair as soon as possible.

Be mindful of these signs and take the extra step in protecting your family and property by having the best emergency electrician. A panic is a reaction initially experienced by property owners from these electrical emergencies. Still, focus on beginning to shut down your safety switch to avoid the problem to worsen.

Provide your property the best emergency electrician to ensure your safety from any potential danger every time you experience an electrical malfunction.

Smoke Alarm Installation Alexandria

Smoke Alarm Install

Are you tired of dealing with too much problems on your smoke alarms? You don’t have to put up with the same problem repeatedly. Let Gordon’s Powers Smoke Alarm Installation to handle any issue smoke alarms may cause. Being in the business for over than 10 years, all tasks are easily but perfectly handled. With our skills, knowledge, and experience, rest assured that your smoke alarm devices are in safe and expert hands.

We offer all types of services for your smoke alarms such as:

Smoke Alarm Installation – We offer smoke alarm installation packed with complete services. We begin by evaluating your property. We then discuss the best type of smoke alarm that will work effectively in every space of your property where you assign the installation. Installation is performed on time and finished in a timely manner as well. Testing is done to make sure your newly installed smoke alarms are at their best.

Smoke Alarm Repairs and Replacement – Having a malfunctioning smoke alarm can already increase your risk of danger for we know that fire may unexpectedly. Therefore, it is highly important to get your devices checked and repaired soon. Our team can also replace your smoke alarms if they are already non repairable due to old age and poor quality.

Types of Smoke Alarms that Gordon’s Powers Install:

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms – These alarms can identify moderate smoldering flames and are perfect to introduce to any type of property. This is recommended to properties with many hidden electrical wirings. Electrical problems are the common reason of slow fires. Hence, this type is needed.

Ionized Smoke Alarms – Perfect in distinguishing quickly developing flames, the Ionized Smoke Alarm is best installed in homes and different business with plentiful ventilation.

Double Smoke Alarms – This device can detect 2 types of fire which Photoelectric and Ionized Smoke Alarm can.  With its function, it is the most sought for device installed to many home and business owners.

Gordon’s Powers has all the information you need when it comes to smoke alarm devices, types, and brands. Together with our high skills in repairs and installations, your smoke alarm system will be highly dependable in protecting your family and property.

Switchboard/Fusebox Repairs Upgrades Alexandria

Switchboard Install/ Repair

Do you need a thorough check-up of your switchboards or fuseboxes? Leave the job to Gordon’s Powers Switchboard/Fusebox Repairs Upgrades Alexandria. Our highest knowledge can provide you’re the best services you may need. Our business is very well-known to have provided the best services that promotes safety for over than a decade.

Gordon’s Powers’ goal is to be able to help property owners the safety they need from a reliable switchboard/fusebox to protect their electrical system. Protecting system will then protect property owners, their appliances, and other properties. Our team provides an array of these services and we also educate our clients the dangers of fusebox problems.

Why do old properties need to have their fuseboxes checked?

Many properties use more advanced appliances that have high electrical request. Homes that utilize powerful washers, ventilation systems, warmers, lights, and different parts are need a reliable fusebox that can handle such demand while business and modern properties have significantly more powerful machines. Having an old switchboard won’t have the capacity to deal with such requests. For this, an upgrade is recommended to enable your appliances and other machines to work smoothly on expanded capacity and number of circuits.  You can lessen the danger of fire and more electrical problems.

Here are following examples of tasks we can offer:

Fusebox Upgrades
Gordon’s Powers is the top in providing switchboard/fusebox upgrades. Checking and testing is done for a reliably excellent service. We also use top quality materials for a switchboard that works at its best in the long-term.
Expert Repairs and Installations
With the promptest group in Alexandria, our expert electrician can take care of any fusebox issue by having it checked and settled immediately. We also utilize materials of greatest quality for parts replacements. We will have your switchboard functioning perfectly once more. We can also provide you with a flawless installation of new and existing switchboards or fuseboxes.

Why should you choose Gordon’s Powers Switchboard/Fusebox Repairs Upgrades?

We have more than 10 years of experience in providing topnotch services across Sydney.

Our team is the promptest to respond to all your emergency repairs and installations.

We have the best skills and knowledge in switchboards and fuseboxes.

We are available 24/7 for all your electrical emergencies.

Services are performed in a timely manner.

Hot Water Heater Repairs Installation Alexandria

Hot Water Heater Install/ Repair

Is your family in need of the most reliable hot water heater installation? You just found the right team to perform topnotch hot water heater repairs installation Alexandria. We have more than ten years of experience in doing the task. With our set of skills and experience, .your hot water heaters will be at their best and can work in the long term.

Having the greatest knowledge in hot water heaters, we can provide you with the best information on different types to help identify the unit that will work best on your hot water demands.

Types of Hot Water Heater

Tankless Hot Water Heater (Electricity ran) –  The tankless or on-demand hot water heater can only be ran by electricity. Water is heated by heating coils only when needed. Therefore, property owners who  don’t have a big demand of hot water choose because of its of use as well.

Gas or Electric Storage Hot Water Heater – Storage hot water heaters can either be powered by gas or electricity. Property owners who prefer to save on energy use the gas hot water heater. On the other hand, others choose electric storage hot water heater due to its ease of use. Still the storage hot water heater is preferred for it can contain a ready amount of hot water.

Solar Hot Water Heater – The solar hot water heater is an in-demand type of hot water heater that uses alternative energy. Some property owners are willing to invest on solar panels that collect the energy from the sun that powers the heating system. This helps them in saving 80% of energy in the future.

Hybrid Hot Water Heater – This consists of an air pump that collects hot air temperature which is transferred to a storage tank that will heat the water. This works best in summer and in warm areas.

Our team offers all types of hot water heater such as:

  • Hot Water Heater Installation
  • Hot Water Heater Repair
  • Hot Water Heater Maintenance
  • Hot Water Heater Relocation
  • Hot Water Heater Replacement

With our services, you don’t need to worry of any other task anymore. We can perform all task to make sure your hot water units work reliably especially when it is needed. Our maintenance service will help you identify any present problem your hot water heater has that may cause more damage. With our help, reduce the risk of getting a damaged hot water and more expense.

Level 2 Electrician Alexandria

Most Trusted Electrician in Alexandria

When you need an Alexandria electrician, Gordon’s Powers electrician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will deliver electrical services on your schedule and we always arrive at our appointments on time. Therefore we will remain on the job until you are satisfied that the work is complete, and leave our workspace as neat and tidy as when we arrived.

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Our electrician uses only the highest-quality parts and components for our electrical services, and we guarantee the work our electricians do because we know we do the job right the first time and we want you to rest easy knowing it, too. No matter what electrical services you need, trust your work to Gordon’s Powers Electrical, where our business is exceeding your expectations!

We look forward to serving you soon! Call (02) 9199 7480 to schedule your electrician an appointment or get a quote today. Find an Electrician in the Eastern Suburbs. Our licensed electricians can be found in one of our serviced areas all over Sydney near you.

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