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Level 2 Electrician Double Bay

Enjoy Sydney’s glitz and glamour in Double Bay’s harbourside enclave, lined with fashion boutiques, fine dining, rooftop bars, and a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour. Sydneysiders and tourists frolic along the suburb’s renowned shopping districts, idyllic beaches, and blinding nightlife.

If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation or want to experience the glam of Sydney’s well-heeled harbour life, Double Bay will not disappoint. But while the lights don’t seem to turn off in Double Bay, electrical emergencies say otherwise.

Can you imagine losing power during happy hour? People are raising their glasses, taking instagrammable photos in cafes, and families are dining at your restaurant for vacation.

But at the sight of flickering lightbulbs, smoking outlets, and power outage, your business is dead in the water.

We are Gordon Powers, your trusted partner for everything electrical in Double Bay! Our level 2 Accredited Service Providers have seen and fixed it all!

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we at Gordon Powers will give you a pleasant stay in Double Bay, free from any electrical issues stopping your fun and productivity.

Trust us to handle all your electrical needs whenever and wherever you want us at Double Bay!

Emergency  Electrician in Double Bay

Gordon Powers takes pride in being a household name committed to bringing customer satisfaction above and beyond expectations. We do that by maintaining the highest standard of electrical services and building strong relationships with our customers across Double Bay. 

We walk the talk. Our clients can attest to our successful reputation as Level 2 emergency electricians who provide a Compliance Certificate of Electrical Work. In other words, we have official accreditation from energy providers.

Enjoy the following benefits by partnering with us as your emergency electrical service provider:

  • Fully accredited and insured electricians – Troubled about a safe and reliable installation outcome? Worry no more! Our level 2 electricians in Double Bay have full insurance and are experts in their field. We underwent rigorous training to ensure safe, reliable, and excellent work quality.
  • Transparent Prices and discounts– Speak with us today to discuss your emergency electrical situation. Then we’ll respond with upfront and transparent pricing at an affordable price! We also give discounts to repeat and first-time customers!
  • 24/7 customer service throughout the project – You don’t want to be left guessing about our schedule and scope of work. Our customer service will keep you guided and facilitated along the to keep you up to speed from booking, installation, and completion.
  • Free on-site safety inspection – You read that right! We’ll conduct an on-site assessment to check every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned. Our customers mean more than business to us—and we care about your safety as much as you do. Your call for a flickering light may indicate a deeper electrical fault that needs immediate attention.

Avail of our services today and experience an emergency electrician service that’s as good as the parties at Double Bay! At Gordon Powers, your safety and satisfaction are our priorities.

If you’re in Double Bay, contact Gordon Powers today for a range of electrical services, including level 2 electrician services, emergency repairs, commercial installations, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades or installations, hot water repairs, data cable installation, installing systems, and more. Trust our team to handle any electrical issue or emergency with professionalism and expertise.

ASP Level 2 Electrician in Double Bay

A harbourside paradise needs power to keep its glam and glory. Besides, nobody likes electrical problems wherever they are in Sydney. But not all electricians are created equal.

Gordon Powers is an Accredited and Authorised Service Provider (ASP) electrician certified by Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, and Essential Energy. We’ll carry on complex, large-scale tasks and emergency repairs that regular electricians cannot perform.

Our ASP level 2 electricians have the tools, skills, and attitude to do the following electrical work:

Class 2A: Disconnect & Reconnect (D&R)

Double Bay is famed for its beaches, luxe businesses, and high-end taste in fashion. Its lifestyle heavily relies on an uninterrupted power supply.

Our ASP Level 2 electricians in Double Bay can safely disconnect and reconnect service lines directly at the point of attachment. Think of private power poles, pillars, and building facades that needed power supply installation or de-energising.

A D&R is necessary for the following works:

  • Customer mains upgrades
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Address defect notices 

Class 2B: Underground Service Conductors and Wiring Systems

We often take underground wiring systems for granted. But once those conductors strip down from wear and tear, they won’t be easy to repair.

Not for us! Fortunately, we have level 2 emergency electricians at Double Bay certified to conduct Class 2B electrical works, such as

  • Installing and connecting underground service lines under the NSW Service and Installation Rules
  • Relocating and upgrading existing underground services lines
  • Restoring power from the point of connection after the electrical work is done
  • Disconnecting underground lines at the proper junctions 
  • Replace service protection devices

Class 2C: Overhead Service Line Work

Working with overhead power lines isn’t a walk in the park, as those are bare,  naked wires carrying thousands of volts from distributor lines throughout the community. However, those conductors are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions—and with cyclones frequenting the country, our phone always rings from overhead line emergencies.

Thankfully, our level 2 Double Bay electricians can:

  • Install and connect overhead service lines.
  • Relocate or upgrade existing overhead service lines.
  • Restore power supply
  • Disconnect and reconnect overhead service lines.
  • Replace faulty service protection devices.

Class 2D: Energising Network Operator

Energising network operators are certified electricians responsible for maintaining, installing, and repairing small and large buildings’ electrical networks. With Gordon Powers, experience fast and seamless power point installation, repair, and removal on the same day!

You can rely on our prompt and trustworthy services for all your Double Bay electrician needs! We have helped hundreds of households and businesses in Sydney enjoy a safe, reliable, and uninterrupted power supply.

Check out our comprehensive list of services and contact us today at (02) 9199 7480.

24-Hour Emergency Electrician in Double Bay

It seems like Double Bay doesn’t turn off its lights. But local businesses and households experience unwanted electrical emergencies left and right. That’s where Gordon Powers comes into the picture.

We provide 24/7 emergency electrician services, so you can enjoy our time-tested level 2 electrical services whenever and wherever you may be!

Specifically, our emergency electricians can repair the following faults:

  • Household power blackout and outage
  • Blown power and blown house lights
  • Fuses have blown that are too hot to touch
  • Faulty safety switches
  • Consumer mains fault or fallen power pole
  • Overhead main was hit and damaged by a vehicle
  • Electrical help not provided by the Supply Authority
  • Fuse electrical smells
  • Electrical sparks shooting out of powerpoint
  • Appliances acting with flickering lights
  • Electrical damage caused by storm or lightning
  • Smoke or home alarm disconnection
  • Faulty Switchboard / fuse box
  • Loose or exposed electrical wiring

We’ll gladly deliver ongoing customer service and support, even on weekends and holidays. We are always ready to react quickly to any circumstance that demands our specialised knowledge!

Get The Best Electrical Services in Double Bay

Live the sophisticated lifestyle and keep your Double Bay business up and running with Gordon Powers at your back! Our 24-hour electricians will be there wherever and whenever you need the best quality of work. After all, it’s our job to keep Double Bay residents and businesses free from electrical faults and expensive accidents!

Contact us at (02) 9199 7480, or book online for a $55 discount! You can also leave us a message, and let’s chat about how we can protect your home from power failure.

Get the perfect harbour life free from power shortage and electrical-related incidents with our help at Gordon Powers!


Q1: What services does Gordon Powers Electrician offer in Double Bay?

Gordon Powers Electrician offers a wide range of certified electrical services in Double Bay, including Level 2 electrician services, emergency electrician services, commercial electrician services, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrade or installation, hot water repairs, , and more.

Q2: How long has Gordon Powers been in business?

Gordon Powers has over 10 years of experience in fixing electrical issues in Double Bay and its surrounding suburbs.

Q3: What makes Gordon Powers electricians the most trusted in Sydney?

Gordon Powers electricians are available 24/7, offer prompt and reliable service, arrive on time for appointments, and ensure customer satisfaction with the work carried out. Their team of friendly and skilled electricians provides superior customer service.

Q4: What services does the Level 2 Electrician team at Gordon Powers offer in Double Bay?

The Level 2 Electrician team at Gordon Powers in Double Bay handles services such as repairing UV damaged consumer mains, new connections and repairs for properties, and network connections including internet or phone connections.

Q5: Why should I choose Gordon Powers for Level 2 electrician services in Double Bay?

Gordon Powers has a licensed and experienced team of Level 2 electricians who are permitted to work on Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. They offer prompt 24/7 availability for emergency services and provide honest recommendations for repairs or installations needed.

Q6: What are some common repairs needed for UV damaged consumer mains?

UV damaged consumer mains may require repairs or replacements of cables that are exposed to and damaged by UV. This can include increasing insulation for minimally damaged smoke cables or replacing the entire line for significant damage.

Q7: How do I book an appointment with Gordon Powers in Double Bay?

You can book an appointment with Gordon Powers in Double Bay by calling us at 02 9199 7480 for a 24-hour service, or by booking online through our website.

Q8: Can Gordon Powers help me with energy-efficient solutions for my home or business in Double Bay?

Yes, we can help you with energy-efficient solutions that can help you save money on your electricity bills. Our electricians can install LED lighting and other energy-efficient solutions that can reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Q9: What areas does Gordon Powers provide electrical services in?

Gordon Powers provides electrical services throughout Sydney, including  Bondi, Manly, Janalli, Dolans Bay, Lotus, Campbelltown, and many more. Check out here for a full list of service areas.

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