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Level 2 Electrician Ashfield

Thriving with a vibrant cultural community and commercial precinct, it’s no wonder that Ashfield draws attention from different races. While you make yourself comfortable in your Ashfield property, it’s frustrating to encounter sudden electrical issues. 

For businesses around the suburb, electrical complexities are a headache. It can disrupt operations and customer transactions. But worry no more with Gordon Powers ASP level 2 electrician Ashfield. 

We have certified and highly trained emergency electricians willing to extend a professional helping hand anytime you need one. For the past years, we have built a standard of service that’s safe, prompt and efficient. 

Gordon Powers team adheres to the safety and legal protocols of the NSW Electricity Supply Act. Our best quality of work has reached numerous clients across Ashfield. We have 24-hour emergency electricians ready to back you up during electrical troubles. 

Take your time, and call us quickly to book our professional electrician services. 

Emergency  Electrician in Ashfield

We take pride in providing quality and hassle-free emergency electrician services to households and businesses. You can focus on other things once you let us handle the work. 

Make yourself comfortable while we do all the exhausting and dangerous task  s. Whether it’s a wiring replacement job or mains repair, we have the best electrical team in Ashfield at your service. 

Don’t let your electrical repair, installation, and replacement needs bother you for too long. Make a move now and be at ease with your power lines. We can work for you while offering the following benefits:

  • Exceptional client service – Our courteous staff will personally welcome and assist you rather than relying on a machine to answer your call when you contact us at (02) 9199 7480. We’re pleased to provide a personal touch in our customer service interactions and welcome the chance for you to do so.
  • Certified level 2 electricians – Only licensed and professional electricians will work for you in Ashfield. With such qualifications, we can always ensure the highest quality of service. Trust Gordon Powers and hire the best electrician Ashfield for assistance. 
  • Honest and Reasonable Pricing – Providing reasonable service rates is a top priority for our company. We ensure to offer a fixed quote and render services in the best way. Once you contact us, our team assures you of transparent pricing without additional or hidden charges. 
  • Efficient and safe service – Nothing beats us when ensuring safety and efficiency in delivering services. Electrical defects require preventive measures, so we guarantee to act following safety protocols for everyone’s sake. 
  • Discounts for New and Existing Clients  Gordon Powers company makes the comfort and satisfaction of our clients two of the top priorities. And so, we offer favourable discounts without hesitations:

– 50% off for a same-day job online

– 20% discount on your next job for a friend referral to Gordon Power

– Have our electricians install a powerpoint and get the second one for half the price.

Get in touch with Gordon Powers today for a wide range of electrical services in Ashfield, including Level 2 electrician services, emergency repairs, commercial installations, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades or installations, hot water repairs, data cable installation, installing systems, and more. Count on our team to handle any electrical issue or emergency with professionalism and expertise.

ASP Level 2 Electrician in Ashfield

Electrical complexities can take many different forms and arise at any time. Taking care of broken appliances or installing private poles are just two examples of how straightforward or complex the job can be. Due to this, not all electricians can perform specific electrical tasks.

You will need Gordon Powers, ASP level 2 electrician Ashfield, to eliminate your electrical worries. If you believe in our team, you don’t need to make things complex for yourself. Besides, our Ashfield level 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP) electricians are accredited by energy companies like Ausgrid, Essential Energy, and Endeavour Energy.

Our team ensures Ashfield residents won’t have much problem dealing with these electrical issues. We have qualified and trained 24 hour emergency electricians to handle more complex tasks like maintaining municipal power lines, laying underground cables, and dealing with overhead wiring systems.

Class 2A: Disconnect & Reconnect (D&R)

Level 2 Ashfield electricians are Class 2A certified and can safely disconnect and reconnect service lines at the attachment point. It must be noted that the NSW Government requires Class 2A certification for dangerous jobs that involve de-energising service lines and poles for the following reasons:

  • Upgrade of households’/businesses’ electrical systems
  • Electrical repair and checkups (switchboard replacement, fixture repairs, etc.)
  • Notices of Defects (residential & commercial)

Class 2B: Underground Service Work

Installing, fixing, and repositioning underground lines and wiring systems are among the Class 2B electrical tasks. Our Level 2 Ashfield electricians are specifically trained for the following underground work, which adheres to standard local distributor procedures:


  • Comply with the NSW Service and Installation Directives when planning and installing underground service lines.
  • Move and upgrade underground service lines
  • Following electrical work, restore power at the attachment point
  • Disconnect underground lines at the proper intersections and make sure there are sufficient protection devices

Class 2C: Overhead Service Line Work

Overhead power lines pose significant safety risks to pedestrians and residents. Only certified and trained Level 2 ASP electricians can work on these high-risk components.

Luckily, our Level 2 Ashfield electricians have undergone training and accreditation to install, connect, and repair overhead service lines while following the NSW service and installation guidelines. 

  • Providing electricity after finishing overhead line work
  • Switch off and on overhead power lines at the connection point.
  • Replacing defective and damaged service protection devices to keep a home safe from an electrical fire.

Class 2D: Energising Power Points & Network Operators

Switchboards and power points can corrode, wear out, and become dysfunctional. Assume you want to replace your wiring or switchboards. If so, you must seek professional help from a Level 2 Ashfield electrician who can keep everything safe while de-energising electrical mains ahead of time.

Ashfield residents and businesses can benefit from Gordon Powers’ team of Level 2 accredited electricians’ ability to repair and upgrade service protection systems and electrical networks.

Because of our qualifications and certifications, we can replace and get rid of electricity distributor security seals. Rest assured that you can receive high-quality electrician services approved by electrical authorities and energy providers in Australia. 

24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Ashfield

Situations can be unpredictable. You can never know what electrical problems you may encounter during the day. Skip all the hassle with Gordon Powers’ 24 hour emergency electrician Ashfield. 

We are aware of the circumstance, so we are here to make the job easier for you. You can hire our level 2 electricians to find the right solutions to your electrical problems. 

You can relax and not worry about an electrical issue escalating into a fire with our 24-hour services. We’ve got your back!

Our emergency Ashfield electricians will swiftly fix the following issues:

  • Household power outage
  • Damaged power and busted house lights
  • Blown Fuses due to heat
  • Defective safety switches
  • Client mains defect
  • Fuse electrical smells
  • Flickering lights of Appliances
  • Electrical damage caused by storm or lightning
  • Smoke or home alarm disconnection
  • Broken Switchboard/fuse box
  • Loose or exposed electrical lines and wiring

You no longer have to deal with these issues on your own. You’ll never have to worry about a defective wire or fallen poles with Gordon Powers level 2 electricians on call. We know what to do, no matter how big or small the job is.

Get The Best Electrical Services in Ashfield

Gordon Powers is dedicated to upholding outstanding ethical and professional services as the best 24-hour electrician in Ashfield. In addition to giving you a seamless electrical service, we take the right action and prioritise safety for your comfort and satisfaction.

We have provided electrical system maintenance for numerous Ashfield homes and businesses to ensure our clients can live and get together without trouble. If you want reliable and on-time electrician services, Gordon Powers is the team for you!

Call us at (02) 9199 7480 to get prompt and reliable solutions to electrical defects in Ashfield! You can also get a quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly!


Q1: What types of electrical services does Gordon Power offer in Ashfield?

At Gordon Powers, we offer a wide range of electrical services in Ashfield including level 2 electrical work, emergency electrical services, commercial electrical work, smoke alarm installation, switchboard upgrades and installations, hot water repairs, and .

Q2: Are Gordon Powers’ electricians licensed and insured?

All Ashfield electricians employed by Gordon Powers are completely licensed and insured. They undergo constant training and are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and directives to ensure that all work is performed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Q3: Does Gordon Powers offer emergency electrical services in Ashfield?

Gordon Powers offers 24/7 emergency electrical services in Ashfield. We understand that electrical emergencies can happen at any time, so our team of qualified electricians is always available to assist with urgent electrical issues, including power outages, electrical defects, and more.

Q4: How quickly does Gordon Powers respond to an emergency electrical situation?

We aim to respond to all emergency electrical situations within the hour, and our electricians will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible.

Q5: Can Gordon Powers handle complex electrical issues?

We have over 10 years of experience, and our electricians are highly trained and experienced in handling all types of electrical issues, no matter how complex.

Q6: How long is your work guaranteed for?

Our workmanship is guaranteed for up to 7 years, and our repairs are guaranteed for twelve months.

Q7: How can I book an electrical service with Gordon Powers in Ashfield?

You can book an appointment for electrical service with Gordon Powers in Ashfield. We will arrange for a qualified electrician to attend your property at a time that is convenient for you. 

Q8: What areas does Gordon Powers provide electrical services in?

Gordon Powers provides electrical services throughout Sydney, including Balmain, Illawong, Canterbury, Greystanes and many more. Check out here for a complete list of service areas.

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